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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Splurge or Steal

Comfortable shoes have kinda eased their way in the fashion world.... and among them for this Spring is Birkenstocks. Yes, those blast from the past simple comfy sandals are being mixed in with some of the most fashionable pieces.  Hey, gotta give those feet a break from constant stiletto wear, right?  Well, if you aren't too keen on investing in a pair, I found a less expensive version you may want to try out.  They aren't the trendiest shoes in the world, but hey, give your feet a break one day after you get your pedi, slip these bad boys on and go about your day!

This Givenchy Version by Riccardo Tischi goes for $690

This is the Real Deal. These Birkenstocks can be found here

This version is under $30!! It can be found here

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Splurge or Steal

These Gold Glads are super cute and definitely a must for this summer.  They even have a little snakeskin trim around them! Who wouldn't love that? This may not really count as a splurge, as the Steve Madden version is much less expensive than what would probably be really considered a splurge, but its still a good opportunity to get some gorgeous shoes at a cheaper price!

At $100 you can go get these beauties and wear them with anything you want to glam up or sexify!
Steve Madden Marnee Sandal here

And this cheaper version (under $40) is pretty much identical!!

Qupid Interest-74 Metallic Strappy here